Materials, Themes, Techniques

I use a wide range of materials and techniques in my work. Selecting each of them is always connected to the result I want to achieve. I have been taking a multitude of short courses in order to develop my artistic practice. After I get the basic understanding of the material or technique in a course, I rush home and explore the possibilities. I especially enjoy merging newly-learned techniques with my old skills. The aim is to create something completely new by combining different materials and techniques.


What defines my style is that I do not have a distinctive style. Partly because of my use of many materials and techniques, and partly because I get bored very quickly. When I have an idea, I work on it until my inspiration runs dry. After this, I move on to something else. Even if I later come back to the same concept, the practical approach is different, so the outcome does not resemble previous works. Studio Variatio, stems from this constant change. I do not repeat myself or do replicas of my old work. If requested, I can do similar work but with a fresh twist of inspiration that comes from each client conversation.

There are a few recurring themes in my work. Nature is one of them. I often use leaves and branches to create patterns or meandering vines with flowers. I also like making animal figures. I find it incredibly rewarding to create a mouse that stares right back at you. I call this theme ‘Life Unbound’ and mark the items with ‘LUB’.


Another theme I deal with is textures. It is not only how the surface feels, but also how it looks like and how light shows through it or reflects from it. My ceramic lampshades are a good example of this. In creating them, I use natural materials to cast shadows or carve out material from one place and add it elsewhere, so as to attain a different thicknesses and to vary the intensity of the light. Sometimes I just play with the clay, squeezing it out of an extruder to create a clay-spaghetti that I use to create the shapes I am searching for at that moment. I mark my texture-themed works with ‘TRS’.


Tarja Virta / Studio Variatio